Reasons for an Engine Overheating

For the mechanically disinclined, even learning the basics of car maintenance can seem overwhelming, but even a little knowledge can help to save both time and money. Diagnosing issues that you notice with your engine can help you to know when it's time to bring your car to a mechanic.

An overheating engine is a real cause for concern, as it can leave you stranded and cause permanent damage to engine components. Rule out common issues by topping up your engine coolant if it's low and letting your car cool down if using it on extremely hot days. For overheating you can't easily rule out, the culprit may be failures of engine systems like radiator fans, the water pump, hoses or belts. These will require professional servicing.

If you notice a problem with your engine overheating, you're welcome to stop by Bay Mitsubishi in Panama City, FL, where our expert mechanics can diagnose the problem and repair it quickly.

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