Vehicles often bear an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety or a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rating. However, not many vehicle owners know the difference between the two. The new vehicles in our Panama City, FL Bay Mitsubishi inventory have these ratings. Visit our location, find your favorite car, SUV or truck, and go for a test drive.

The NHTSA represents an organization of the federal government. On the other hand, the IIHS represents a nonprofit organization financed by insurance companies. Both groups submit vehicles for testing to determine their safety ratings.

Vehicles may earn up to five stars under the NHTSA system. The vehicles undergo front impact collisions, side-impact collisions, and rollovers. The more stars a vehicle receives, the lesser degree of occupant injury and vehicle damage incurred by the car, SUV or truck. The IIHS performs similar tests but rates vehicles as having a poor, marginal, acceptable or a good rating.

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