At Bay Mitsubishi in Panama City, FL, we have a goal to help our customers travel safely with their pets. so here are some tips to use when you're traveling with your family companion.

If you're planning on taking long road trips with your pet, it may be beneficial to work your pet up by taking shorter drives before you depart on your long journey. Be sure that your pet has an ID tag before you travel in case you become separated and update your microchip registration to ensure it's current.

A loose pet in a vehicle is extremely dangerous to you and your furry friend. You can properly restrain your pet with a crate, and they even make specially designed safety belts for pets. Furthermore, never travel with your pet in the bed of a truck, and don't leash him inside the truck bed when it's parked. If a dog is leashed in the bed of a truck, it increases the risk of strangulation.

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