You've probably heard of someone kicking the wheels on used cars to check their condition. Other motorists, however, like to check if a car comes with their preferred type of tires. Some people who come into Bay Mitsubishi prefer all-season tires and others prefer summer tires.

You might be surprised to learn that this basically comes down to personal preference. Both types of tires can theoretically last equally as long. Depending on your driving and the way your tires were made, they can both wear out equally as quickly too!

Tire life has more to do with the rubber or compound they're made out of as well as the tread pattern on the tires. You can find summer tires with very similar performance characteristics to certain all-season tires as well, which makes the choice somewhat academic in many situations.

Always take a closer look at the conditions a specific set of tires are rated for before you invest in a new set.

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