We want our readers to be informed vehicle owners, so we're honest about what types of car problems you can fix at home. All you need to fix a scratch on your car is 220 grit sandpaper, paint, soapy water, and an applicator. Many touch-up paint kits come with an applicator. If the scratch on your car is accompanied by a ding or dent, however, we recommend you bring it to us at Bay Mitsubishi in Panama City, FL to have it repaired.

For light scratches, clean the area around the scratch with soapy water. Sand the area around the scratch with sandpaper that's at least 220 grit. You don't need to aim to remove paint with the sandpaper. You're just lightly sanding to remove contaminants. If there is any rust, make sure to thoroughly eliminate the rust. Clean again after sanding. Now, you're ready to mix the touch-up paint following the instructions on the kit you bought. You can use an applicator, a small paintbrush or a toothpick to apply the paint. How large the surface is will determine which tool you use for application.

Applying touch-up paint to car scratches and chips is an easy process anyone can do. Follow the procedure step by step and let the paint cure for 2–3 days without driving your car. That's all it takes to fix scratches by yourself.

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