Cloudy headlight lenses pose a significant safety hazard. The scratched and dirty lenses diffuse light as it leaves the enclosure, resulting in unfocused beams that could cause you to miss obstructions on the road ahead in Panama City, FL. To keep you and others safe while driving, then, it's important to restore your headlights to their original clarity as soon as possible.

The most foolproof method for do-it-yourself headlight restoration is to use a pre-assembled restoration kit. These kits include the compounds and tools you'll need to restore your headlights to like-new condition. It's important that you carefully follow the instructions in the package to ensure a good result, as most of these kits include mild to moderate abrasives that could damage your vehicle if used incorrectly. Despite these risks, these kits can help correct a serious issue and restore confidence to your night driving.

For further details on restoring your headlights or for other vehicle maintenance needs, stop by the service department at Bay Mitsubishi as soon as possible.

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