Replacing car tires becomes a routine maintenance step. Every oil change should be an opportunity to check the life left on the tires. Don't always wait until the time comes for regular service. Problems with car tires can arise without warning. In some cases, the problems occur gradually, and drivers ignore then until it is too late. Don't make such a mistake. Recognize the signs that you need new tires.

Visual inspections tell a lot about how much life the tires have left. If there are odd treadwear patterns, this is not an encouraging sign. Low tread levels are ominous indicators, as well.

Look to see if the tires show any cracks, bulges, and blisters. They won't be in good condition with these problems. The tire may be at risk for a blowout. At Bay Mitsubishi, we can provide you with new tires and other services. Call our team in Panama City, FL to schedule a maintenance appointment.

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