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The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Offers A Lot In A Small SUV

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is a small-sized sports utility vehicle. It comes in four different models, which include the ES, LE, SE, and SEL.


The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is equipped with a 1.5L direct-injection turbo engine. It boasts a torque of 184 lb-ft. With the Continuously Variable Transmission that comes standard along with a Sport Mode that is 8-speed, it delivers great acceleration and fuel efficiency. Along with the 16-inch alloy wheels, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross has both a front and rear suspension that is designed for a smooth and comfortable ride around Panama City.


The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is filled with plenty of safety features. These things make your driving not only safer but also easier. These include things such as rain-sensing wipers that engage when they sense precipitation in Panama City Beach, FL. The Blind Spot Warning system and the Lane Change Assist will both alert the driver if there is something in their blind spot. That way, they can make lane changes safely.

The Adaptive Cruise Control can automatically keep an appropriate distance between you and the vehicles around you with the use of radar technology. It will also adjust your speed back to the predetermined speed when the other cars are not in your way.

The multi-view camera system can see all sides of the car, including sides, front, back, and even above. This makes it easier to back up as well as park in downtown Miramar Beach. The Rear Cross-Traffic Alert can let you know what is coming up from behind on both sides, so it also makes it easier to back up.

The Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution body is designed to have crumple zones that absorb the energy in the event of a collision. Along with these features, other safety features continue to make driving much safer around Callaway, FL.


The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is filled with the latest in up-to-date technology. It includes the Mitsubishi Connect, which is a combination of different services. They can be accessed with the smartphone app, onboard buttons, or through GoogleHome and Amazon Alexa. With this system, you can monitor things such as the fuel level and interior temperature, among other things. The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross also has the Rockford FosgateĀ® Premium Audio System. This system includes nine speakers and up to 710 watts. For better connectivity, you can use either the Apple CarPlay or the Android Auto for your devices.

There are so many more features offered on the 2020 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. Go and take one for a test drive to check out all of them. Apply for financing today.