Get an exclusive discount on a new car.

As thanks for your service, we'll help you save money with one of our own.


Your investment in this country is to be commended, and in recognition of your efforts, we're proud to offer you the Mitsubishi Military Rebate, which provides up to a $750 discount on select Mitsubishi vehicles.

This exclusive offer is a small token of our appreciation for the dedication and achievements of the hardworking men and women of the U.S. Military. As such, we're proud to offer military discounts at all participating Mitsubishi dealerships.

What types of military service qualify for the Mitsubishi Military Rebate?
Customers (or their spouse) must be in active duty, active reserve, retired, or a veteran within 12 months of separation from the U.S. Military, including:
+ United States Army
+ Navy
+ Air Force
+ Marine Corps
+ National Guard
+ Coast Guard

Customers must be eligible at the commencement of the Program Period and purchase or lease an Eligible Vehicle from a participating Dealership.

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